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February 21, 2008

Have you ever felt like something was “never” going to happen?  It seems like the things that you want most to finish, just take longer and longer…..and longer to come to fruition.  My mom used to say, “Never say never!”   Actually, she would say that a lot.  I was a very impatient and not so confident child.  Both of which have crept into my young adult life.  But, you should absolutely never, say NEVER!   You may say, “Michael Jackson will NEVER be normal again.”  While this is probably true.  No one could possibly know that answer until he has left this life.  And then we still may not know.  They say a watched pot never boils…well, even if you aren’t watching the pot, if small amounts of heat, sent toward the bottom of the pot, are increased over time, it will, when ready, overflow! 

NEVER is almost impossible to comprehend.  But, I have to say, it felt like we were NEVER going to finish our current album, Waiting.  Properly titled, I might add. It didn’t hit me until tonight what a strong connection the name of the album has with four days late.  I think originally we were just trying to come up with a cool title.  Something catchy.  The first definition of the word “wait” is to “remain in expectation.”  This is why we ultimately chose to use this word as the title.  “Revealed” is a song about what it will be like when Christ returns.  Everything we write about is in anticipation of the coming of our Lord.  We are patiently waiting on what God has in store for us next.  Our name comes from scripture about this very thing.  (See John Chapter 11)  Our timing is not always in line, but God’s timing is always divine. 

Tonight I was finally able to hear the finished version of our final song recorded and the final track on the album, “Waiting.”  It is simple, but probably my favorite song that I have written lyrics for.  It is part of a trilogy of songs that tell how I feel about my relationship with Jesus Christ.  It’s about getting lost in a moment.  It’s about a love that I have for my Savior.  It’s about His grace and his mercy.  It’s about the one thing, the ONLY thing that will NEVER change.  God’s love for us all!  He will NEVER let us go.  He will NEVER fail us.  He will NEVER stop loving us, however we may fail.  His actions are the only thing to which we can attach that word.  His love is infinitely perfect, for He is perfect. We have spent the last 15 months “Waiting” on this album to be finished.  The time is finally here, and I believe that it has come at the perfect time.  I believe four days late is about to embark on the next leg of an incredible journey, and at this time we are right where we are suppose to be.  Patiently Waiting. 

In the words of one David Crowder, I will “Be quiet now, and wait.” 

Much Love


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