Stupid People v.1

When I walked into work today, I was met at the door by a co-worker who notified me that I needed to speak with a young lady about possible employment with my company.  We had some shifts that needed to be covered because an employee had put in a notice and this new person was “Perfect” for the position.  Now the fun begins.

Ok.  I am an excellent judge of character.  I can tell if I am going to hire someone, less than two minutes into an interview.  So, this girl is on the clock.  We have a need and it “seems” that need may be met.


First Red Flag…..

You see, we share an office with another company under the same umbrella.  This person had been hired by the other company.  As the manager for the other company walked by my office she “lit” into this girl about being hired and then not showing up for work.  It was awesome!

Second Red Flag…..

The potential hire fired back!  What a wonderful attitude.  I hire people to work in a high stress environment.  This girl couldn’t handle the stress of opening a pickle jar.  However, being the good natured guy that I am, I gave her an opportunity to wipe the slate clean.  Everybody has a bad day, right?  So I figured I would let her waste her time completing a 10 page interview packet, knowing there’s no way I am going to hire her.

Third Red Flag…..Three strikes and you’re out!

This fool fills out her application, brings it to my co-worker and returns back to the lobby.  My co-worker then brings the application to me with a big smile on her face.  She said she recognized the last name and pulled up previous employment records.  This idiot was hired in June 2007 and never showed up for work.  No-call, no show.  The exact same thing she did today to the other company.

You may say….”Didn’t anyone recognize her when she first came in the door?”

The answer is No.  I see about 20 idiot applicants a week.  I almost interviewed someone for a second time a few weeks ago.  I didn’t set that appointment, but I did cancel it.


~ by gack24 on March 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Stupid People v.1”

  1. Robby & Nicole,

    You don’t know me, but I am friends with Angie and Erik Green. I go to church with them here in Dalton, GA. I went to UGA and my husband went to Auburn. What I want to say is this… your post, ‘Stupid People v.1’ was hilarious! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your ‘interview’ yesterday, or lack thereof. I have had to interview people as well and some humorous stories come from them. Sometimes, I wonder what people are THINKING!!

    Secondly, your post ‘Never’ really spoke to me! I thought your use of the word ‘Never’ to describe His actions towards us was right on! He is an AMAZING King and He is the GREAT I AM, who will NEVER leave us nor forsake us! Thank you for being so transparent. I will have to check out the music of ‘Four Days Late’.

    Our family blog is at:

    It was great to ‘meet’ you in blogging land! I will have to tell Angie and Erik about reading your blog. I am going to add it to my favorites!!

    Have a blessed Easter weekend!

  2. PAAAtttteeeEEEelllllllllllllllll!

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