Radio, Press Kits and……Goats?

I have spent most of my evening preparing for this weekend’s trip to Nashville for The Gospel Music Association Music Week.  (Listening to Shiver by Coldplay) Four Days Late will be traveling to Nash Vegas to meet with radio station managers from across the country in support of our radio single Glorious King. We also have a planning session scheduled with our booking agent. It is going to be a busy weekend. I am very excited about all of this. I won’t be able to sleep Friday night. This will be our third time at GMA and it has become one of my favorite times of the year. This year is going to have some added good times. Joel and I will be going to a concert Monday night that should be, in a word, amazing!!! We are going to get to see a “Fall Tour Preview” with three of my favorite groups: Robert Randolph and The Family Band, Third Day and Switchfoot. Awesome!

Tonight, I opened 120 copies of our album to stuff into press kits. When I say opened, I mean ripped the wrapping off of them. Very time consuming. But not as time consuming as the second leg of the “Press Kit Stuff” that will take place Friday night. I can’t wait……

I also spent a good bit of time packaging “Thank You for Adding Glorious King” cds to send to radio stations across the country. (Now listening to Replace Me by Family Force 5) It is wild to know that our song is being played in California, Connecticut, Texas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Illinois and NOT Alabama…yet. Soon…very soon.

Also…today I saw this…

I just had to snap a pic. I thought it was hilarious! What a life! Lounging in the warm Alabama sun in the back of a scrapped truck bed. Rich! I then had a terrible flashback to my childhood….One of my most vivid memories from my prepubescent days is a horrifying incident with one of these mongrels at “Trade Day” in Collinsville, AL. Some of you know what an incredible shopping experience you can have there. You can even buy a goat. Anyway, I saw a cute little billiy goat in a tiny little cage. I thought, “Oh, how cute. I would like to pet him. I’ll just pat his little nose.” I stuck my finger into his living space and he BIT me! Jerk! That’s the last time I ever showed a goat any love. (Now listening to I Know Why by Sheryl Crow)


~ by gack24 on April 17, 2008.

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