A River Runs Through It?

The following information will be in chronologically reverse order…

Tuesday, April 22 10:30 PM

Josh came over to my house to work on some band “stuff” when I discovered a good bit of water bubbling up through my driveway. When he first arrived at my house, there was a small amount of wetness around his car. I honestly thought he had just taken his car through a carwash. This may sound crazy. Why would his car still have that much water on it by the time he arrived at my home? But the idea that water was bubbling up through the concrete seemed even more ridiculous. At about 9:30, Josh walked out to his car and the amount of water had grown quite a bit. I walked out to look at the area and I could see water coming up through one of the cracks in the concrete. Long story shortened a little. I called Jacksoville Water Works who came out and said that they couldn’t do anything until morning. I woke up to a lake in my front yard. It was amazing. But even more amazing is the fact that this has happened before. Ny neighbor told me that the water main pipes had burst about seven years ago in the exact same spot. (I have lived in this home for about three years) Way to go Jax Water Works….nice!

Monday, April 21 About 9:30 PM

Joel and I got to see Switchfoot for the first time tonight. They were incredible! I believe Jon Foreman may be about the best frontman in the biz. I rank this show 2nd in my list of “Most Amazing Shows I Have Witnessed In Person List” (New list soon). Only Garth Brooks has topped this experience. Don’t laugh. He is amazing live! Wildhorse Saloon is a great venue as well. The sound was perfect. Jars of Clay and Third Day were great, but I have seen them before. I have never seen a 45 minute set like this before.

Sunday, April 20 Who Cares What Time? This Was Crazy!

I had a scope stuck down my throat to examine my vocal chords. They are fine. My concern is gone. Nuff said here. You can read more about it on the four days late blog. I will post a video before the weekend is over.

Bye for now.


~ by gack24 on April 25, 2008.

One Response to “A River Runs Through It?”

  1. Well look on the bright side, at least the grass won’t need watering any time soon. Pattelll!

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