Stone Mountain, GA

June 4, 2008

Nicole and I took a trip to Stone Mountain to have a fun-filled day of sight-seeing. I have been to the big rock many times, but this was Nicole’s first trip. I was actually really excited about going back because they have this new attraction called “Sky Hike”. But guess what? To our dismay it was closed to film a commercial. So our visit had not gotten off to a good start. But we carried on.

We first went to ride the train that circles the mountain, but we were going to have to wait about thirty minutes…so we ventured on to the 4D Tall Tales Movie Extravaganza. It was really neat. The movie is 3D. The fourth “D” is that you have your senses tickled a little bit. You feel vibrations from bumping into things, feel wind blow, get wet, and even smell certain things. Skunk and hot coccoa…need I say more.

After the movie we hiked back to the train. We made it just in time to find out that we would not get to take part in this attraction either. There was a brush fire on the opposite side of the mountain that took the train out of commission. So we played putt putt instead.

After whpping Nicole 17 holes to 1 (I know I’m a jerk), we decided to eat our picnic dinner and head over to the paddle boats.

As you can see we were really excited about this. Just being on the water made it feel a lot cooler out there.

After the paddle boats we rode the skylift to the top of the mountain.

We explored the mountain top for a while, and much to Nicole’s dismay, had to get back on the skylift to go back down. Wasn’t so bad the second time. Little freaked out going up. 😉

After a long day of mostly walking (seemed like it anyway), we grabbed our blanket and found a spot to watch the 25th Anniversary Lasershow Spectacular (Fireworks Too).

We cooled off with some dippin’ dots and enjoyed the show. It was a little redneck but really cool nonetheless. We had a great time! It was so nice to finally get away, even if only for one day, and just spend some quality time together.


~ by gack24 on June 6, 2008.

3 Responses to “Stone Mountain, GA”

  1. nice thumbs up picture, nicole. we need to do more stuff with ya’ll.

  2. scratch that…we need to do more stuff with nicole.

  3. only nicole…haha.

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