So……Tetanus Shot Anyone?

I have been working, in my free time, for the last couple of months, remodeling the sun porch and deck on the back of my house. It has been a lot of work, but it will be worth it in the end. I am going to save the full story (With pictures and everything YEA!) for another date when the full process is complete. But I had to tell this story today/tonight.

I have spent the last couple of days cleaning up all of the debris and scraps from the demolition/building process. Yesterday I spent about four hours sawing boards into less than six foot sections so that I can haul it all off to the landfill (another blog all in itself). Explanation…my truck bed is six feet long, the old deck planks are about 12 feet long.


Today I was loading the waste (with the help of a dandy little cart my neighbor, Ms. Betty, let me borrow) into my truck for the haul away. I reached down for a board and when I braced myself, with my foot, I didn’t realize I was standing on a nail that was sticking out of another board. When I lifted up, my weight pushed down and the nail went, very rapidly I might add, through the soul of my boot and into the ball of my foot. (Steel toed, not steel souled, next purchase)

I have never felt anything like this before. OWWWW expletive (Sorry. Just being honest) OWWW Darn It! (Caught myself) It felt like someone had shoved a pencil into my foot….and twisted it. Like some sort of torture.

But I did not cry. Too mad to do that. I kept on working and didn’t look at the wound for another three hours. That’s right…I’m awesome….Or stupid…

When I inspected my foot later, I found a bloody sock and what looks like a piece of my boot inside the wound. I know this sounds graphic and that is why I am not sharing any photos (really only because I haven’t taken any).


Yesterday I was wearing tennis shoes (for the first time on this project) and I dropped one of the boards on the same foot. It connected right below the toenails on my second and third toes. Prolly gonna lose a nail.

Confucious say….

Man should do no dirty work….IF he can pay someone else. Then he never risk losing foot.

Well off to make my shoulder sore for two days.


If you haven’t had a tetanus shot in the last ten years, you should really look into that…I’m just saying….


~ by gack24 on June 11, 2008.

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