My Day In Several Not-So-Short Statements

I don’t have a twitter account so I will do it like this today!

7:30 AM Woke up way too early (lots to do)
9:00 AM Got a much needed hair-cut (Adrianne Hadley Rocks!)
10:05 AM Found out that tuition had gone up $21 per credit hour (not good)
10:08 AM Found out my student loan is $452 dollars short (would have been good to know when I applied for my student loan, refer to previous statement, thanks JSU!)
10:09 AM Discovered that on-line classes are more expensive than in-class classes (do not understand that)
10:15 AM Found out my books for school will be $300+ (not good with two previous statements)
10:22 AM Drove back home to get my truck tag receipt so that I could….
11:00 AM ….pick up my parking decal ($25 in 2008, $10 in 1998 )
11:15 AM McDonald’s for lunch (1/4 Pounder meal, no pickles, no onions)
12:05 PM – 1:05 PM Played nine holes of golf in one hour (beat the rain)
1:20 PM Changed my schedule to get rid of on-line class and lab (now I have a lab at 6PM every monday, not happy)
1:30 PM – 5:00 PM Did nothing but sit on my couch and watch Olympic handball (softball will get cut from the 2012 Olympics, this will remain) Did not get to mow my yard (rain)
5:15 PM Ate sausage balls and scrambled eggs for dinner (actually one of my favs)
6:05 PM Kissed my wife good-bye as she headed to work (I hate her third shift job)
6:06 PM Cleaned up a mess my dog made in the floor (I won’t go into details but it was gross…he is pretty sick)
6:10 PM Began exploring the internet (time goes by really fast when you do this)
6:30 PM Completed the four days late godTube page (CHECK IT OUT HERE)
6:31 PM Immediately began surfing the web again
7:06 PM Discovered that an artist that sings about experimenting with homosexuality and liked it is the daughter of two pastors (what went wrong there? see these two blogs for answers REID WARD and STEVE WRIGHT) Who is said artist? I don’t even want to mention her name. But parents you can find out all about her HERE (You really shoud know what your kids are listening to…disturbing)
8:29 PM About to enjoy a nice bowl of vanilla ice cream covered in Mountain Dew (sounds weird…but delish)
8:34 PM Finished with this blog (will finish ice cream, take shower, watch some olympics, read a little, pray, go to sleep)


~ by gack24 on August 12, 2008.

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